• The Land.

Sapa Inca ruled over some montains (more territory that the current Peru). This lands were at 3.000 km of the sea level. Here the winds blew over the great jungles of the Amazon. This winds caused rain at raising altitude.
In the coast it didn't rain nothing. The coast lands constituted a desert, in where only there are a few rivers. The coast climate was affected by the cold current of the Humboldt river.
This river flowed throgh the coast, giving place up to fog rises on the desert, cooling it for many months of the year. The Peruvian life is based on the fishing, inside the coastal zones, and on the agriculture and the stockbreding on the plains.
  • The Ocean and The Dessert.

The coasts of Peru are terrible deserts, where in the ancient epochs only there could be cultivated the delotas of the short rivers. In the cold ones it waters down, priovinientes of the south, they find abundant marine lions, seals, whales, dolphins and other a lot of varieties of fish. Of many of the coastal populations crafts were setting sail in the shape of big rafts. Each one was possessing his candle of fabric, but there were also men's rows accommodated in both bands, that they were making advance the craft handling his oars. These coarse crafts were caargadas with big quantities of goods to effect exchanges during his displacements along the coast.