• Economy.

During the Inca Empire, the population of Peru was major that the current one, so the necessary products were a problem. It was necessary to cultivate all the land they have it. Land that were near the streams and rivers were the most fertile. The streams were turned
aside from his courses in order that the water was fertilizing the rest of the lands. The majority of the families were cultivating in lands of different levels, for themountainous hillsides. In the highestparts,potatoes or other products that could resist the cold were cultivated. In the medium zones, the beans and the maize were cultivated. These products were the basic food of the Incas. In the lowest points the Fruit-treesand the pepper were cultivated. By a careful planning of the cultive, the Incas could enjoy food from the different climatic zones of his empire. For the cultive of his lands, the Incas were using of a specific tool for excavating. Habitually, this tool was done by a long handle and by a top of copper or bronze. It was used for moving the land. The boys were armed with slings, which were serving them to throw stones with those that they were frightening to the birds and to the small animals that were eating up his crops.

  • Clothes.

Inca_economy-clothes.jpgAlthough the fabrics and ornaments were a lot of variety among the Incas, settling into position in society, the basic style of their clothing was always the same. The men wore a simple robe that reached to the knees. On this tunic, wore a wide, loose layer. They wore sandals or shoes made from plant fibers.
The women wore gowns that came to cover their ankles. Often wearing a wide belt around the waist and a cape. Hairs were placed on a tissue hanging on her neck.
In the highlands dresses were made of wool, but in coastal regions, dresses were made of cotton.

  • Ceramics.

Ceramicswere painted using the polychrome technique portraying numerous motifs including animals, birds, waves, felines and geometric patterns found in the Nazca style of ceramics. Instead of a written lenguage, Ceramics portrayed the very basicscenes of everyday life. It is through these preserved Ceramics that we know what life was like for the ancient South Americans. The most distinctive Inca ceramics objects are the Cuzco bottles or "Aryballos".

  • Medicine.

The Inca made many discoveries in medicine. Anthropologists have discovered evidence which suggests that most skull surgeries performed by Inca surgeons were successful. In pre-Inca times, only one-third of skull surgery patients survived to procedure. However, survial rates rose to 80-90% during the Inca age.